Visual Support App

The Visual Support App is a platform which creates a direct line to all end users of your machines or applications. By using short video’s instructions in combination with smart symbols we are able to  instruct end users how to operate their machine or application. With this app you create a direct communication line without using words or audio narration, so the app can be used all over the world without facing the barrier of languages. Professional cinematographic equipment is used to shoot this video material on location with attention to high quality, details and precision.

The Visual Support App is available for iOS and Android. Optional the app has an easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Uploading new video’s or news items is an easy going process. Due to push notifications all users are notified.

The app is custom made, which means you can insert your own corporate identity, so every user is welcomed in the style of your company.


There are several ways to set up the structure in the app. If we only look to the machines or applications you can choose for “single-” or “all-in-one” structure. Neither the app is used for one type of machine or you have the combination of different types of machines together. The same choice you have for the user types. So the structure of the platform is free to choose. This is again a custom made solution which enables your company to give your own design and structure which is recognizable for your customers.

Please check our portfolio on this website and find out yourself!